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Rain should be limited to times that it is conveniant for those of us who like to play outside in the evenings! Early mornings are right out too. Edited by nliedel Pro Andover Subject: OK how do I make this not a yawner? As the earth heats up with the sun, during the day time, moisture evaporates. As the moisture evaporates it condenses. Condensation leads to precipitation as clouds become "heavier". The water vapor becomes ice as it rises and cools and the ice falls from the clouds and melts on the way down to the warmer earth becoming rain.

Why does it rain in the afternoon?

Leaves help because plants sweat too not like we do but follow me here this process is called Transpiration. That's why it's rainer in some places than others.

Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon [ Full Album ]

The process takes about, and I may be wrong here but I watched a show on this on Saturday, 5, years for water to circle the enjtire earth. The sun, as a heat engine, also drives wind. Why, unless there is a front coming through, it is windy in the afternoon. The last part of the water cycle is collection. When water runs, as rain into lakes and streams. Then someone shoots a starting gun and we get in it and swim. So the bottom line of all this is that evaporation and transpiration are more effective when the sun can heat the water during the day.

It is most effective with high humidity and warm temps. It is also related to why the humidity is usually higher in the morning before the sun comes up and lower in the afternoon. So there is your two cent answer. That was informative and helped tick off a few minutes of my day. I think both are correct, but I would be inclined to use the continuous. I see them this way: If it rains this afternoon, I won't go out with you. Copyright , Jan 24, Okay, thank you guys. I think I can understand the subtle difference between both sentences.

If it is raining at the specific time that we go out this afternoon, then I will decide to stay home. If it rains this afternoon I don't care when, even if it starts raining and stops raining before the time we go out , I will decide to stay at home. Am I understanding it right? London but from Yorkshire English - England.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

A think that is about right. It occurs to me, though, that "If it rains this afternoon I won't go out with you" is an unlikely thing to say, if you are strictly logical. The charges at the top of the cloud are positive while negative charges form at the bottom. When these opposite charges connect, they produce a streak of light called lightning. Meanwhile, thunder is caused by the vibration of air particles due to lightning. Since light travels faster than sound, thunder usually comes after lightning. The Life Cycle of a Thunderstorm According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA , all thunderstorms originate from a thunderstorm cell which has a distinct life cycle lasting for about 30 minutes.

Why Does it Usually Rain in the Afternoon and Evening?

When the sun heats the ground, the warm air moves upward, condenses and begins to build clouds. The clouds will then grow vertically and densely. Mature Cumulus Stage The cloud continues to increase in size, width and height. In this stage, the affected areas start to experience heavy precipitation and gusty winds. NOAA considers this as the most dangerous stage wherein large hail, damaging winds, and flash flooding may occur.

The weather gradually calms down to light rains and weak wind flow. The top of the thunderstorm cloud usually flattens, spreads out or becomes less defined.

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Precipitation becomes light and clouds may also begin to evaporate. These rains may continue withinthe 1 to 2-hour life span of a thunderstorm, which may result to floods or landslides, mostly in low-lying or mountainous areas. The noise may be frightening for some, but it is not as dangerous as lightning.

Lightning is hazardous because it can strike people or animals, which may lead to death. This year, casualties from lightning were reported in different parts of the country: Aguitap, Solsona, Ilocos Norte. Four other companions survived and were immediately brought to the hospital.

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