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When she learned the truth from her adopted parents, she felt anger. She felt she had been "thrown away" by her birth mother.

This anger grew to encompass all aspects of her life-toward the world and toward herself. Liliana's life never got easier. As a child, she was picked on by the other kids at school. As an adult, she was picked on by an abusive, alcoholic husband. Even in her role as mother to her own children, life seemed hell-bent on destroying Liliana. She began writing in an effort to heal her psychological wounds. The healing worked; through her difficulties, Liliana eventually found the strength to conquer her dreams. Rising from the Ashes is a journey to redemption after years of pain, suffering, and abuse.

It goes to show that life is not easy.

In Liliana's opinion, life is a battle, and the battle never ends while here on earth. Even so, the suffering she endured made her stronger. She made it through the turmoil, and although her life is far from over, her life lesson must be told in order to give hope to those now living in darkness.

Ashes of the Earth

This is where a progress evaluation feedback loop is essential, whereby you simply review the following on a weekly basis:. I personally found using the MoodNotes app to be really helpful for this, to gauge how I FEEL on a daily basis and track mood trends, which I can then correlate with other datasets i.

Just remember to ask yourself: The big question is: Did this method actually help my condition?

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In all honestly, even when I truly applied myself and made substantial progress around optimising the unbalanced areas of my life, I was still unable to fully overcome my symptoms. There was still a dark cloud floating above which continued to sneak up on me and drag me back into the darkness. It was only until the most terrifying and torturous night of my life during a pseudo- Ayahuasca ceremony that everything changed. For me, this was my last resort, and looking back explains why, subconsciously, I decided to take such a large dose approx. As you can tell having read this far, thankfully the latter occurred as close as the former was, or so it felt.

After hours of begging out loud for it to stop, going in and out of consciousness due to breathing becoming manual and forgetting to do so, which kept making me pass out, I awoke atop a fallen tree, hugging it with my dear life, which thereafter proceeded into the most euphoric, loving, aware and energetic state I have ever been in when I returned to the camp fire. My appreciation for being alive grew exploentially. Having been forced to face my demons and greatest fears head on, being told by Mother Ayahuasca I was going to die in the forest that night, I finally got the perspective I needed, which was knowing how precious and beautiful being alive is.

Just be sensible and approach with caution, as psychedelics are no joke.

Let’s Rise Up

To my surprise, even with all the above considered I was still in a meaningless loop. Although I was back to a relatively happy place, consistently, and surpassed the crippling phase of my depression, what lingered was a lack of motivation, energy and purpose. This was frustrating to say the least, as it meant my ability to function as a founder in a business context was still impaired, and also meant that after all that I had been through I had still not addressed the root cause s. Thankfully, several close friends helped me understand why this was and assimilate the many reasons into something concrete.

The TL;DR cycle that I got myself into was taking excessive amounts of substances to work more productively, from Modafinil, Moclobemide, Ritalin, Yohimbine, our Flow product and Coffee all in the same day, multiple times over, to force myself into work mode via the enhancement of executive functioning. But my naivety knew no bounds, and before long I realised my shortsightedness, which was foolishly thinking I could trick my body and mind into pursuing that which I did not believe was worth pursuing. In other words and to be specific, I was trying to build a company I was not personally aligned with, which was the underlying cause of all this at the lowest level, amongst many other factors that obviously contributed.

At the writing of this post this issue remains unreconciled, which makes me both excited to find a solution and anxious to the core knowing what the implications could mean. As the past 12 months have been all about personal development specific to reaching a point of stable mental health once again, I have dubbed the forthcoming year as a journey into a balanced, authentic life.

My two core high level goals are to: By the looks of it, quite out of balance as it stands. My profession and skillset within said profession are the least of my worries as far as I can tell, albeit I look forward to taking on a salary once again, soon. The real issues concern not being personally aligned with the mission my company is pursuing, rendering vocation and passion quite low on the scale. Once that underlying issue is reconciled, the rest will follow in theory and I will be able to create the balance I seek.

I hope this post had a degree of insight that you find helpful. On that note, my short time away in the beautiful country town of Yackandandah is coming to a close, so I best get to it.

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Sign in Get started. Foreword Although axis rotations of a blue rock in space has little to do with ones goals in life, and although yearly reviews have been hijacked as a means of documenting who pissed the furthest distance in a 12 month timeframe as far as my selection-biased eyes can see , I do see some value outside the realm of social signalling for reflective posts, especially ones that truly set out to be informative, provide others with meaningful insight and above all else speak from the heart.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — SoulUnraveled by Sabeeha Hussain. Rising from the ashes by Sabeeha Hussain Goodreads Author.

Deconstructing A voyage of self-discovery, from dark to light.

Rising from the ashes 4. This is for Love. Heartbreak, injustice, war, slavery. This is a voice for the voiceless. Illuminating the darkness of societal norms. You will walk in my shoes, See through my eyes. I will snatch the rug of delusion right under your feet. You will spark, ignite, burn and rise from the ashes with me. Breaking free from conformation is freedom. And this book is all about freedom. Kindle Edition , pages.

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