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Trusting the Risen Christ John Following the Risen Christ. Author's Preface to an Exegetical Commentary on John 1. Background to the Study of John 2. Prologue - John 1: Exegetical Commentary on John 1: Exegetical Commentary on John 2 6. Exegetical Commentary on John 3 7. Exegetical Commentary on John 4 8. Exegetical Commentary on John 5 9. Exegetical Commentary on John 6 Exegetical Commentary on John 7 Exegetical Commentary on John 8 Exegetical Commentary on John 9 Exegetical Commentary on John 10 Exegetical Commentary on John 11 Exegetical Commentary on John 12 Exegetical Commentary on John 13 Exegetical Commentary on John 14 Exegetical Commentary on John 15 Exegetical Commentary on John 16 Exegetical Commentary on John 17 Exegetical Commentary on John 18 Exegetical Commentary on John 19 Exegetical Commentary on John 20 Exegetical Commentary on John Another souce John The Ages Past John 1: Water into Wine John 2: A Dispensational Signal John The Divine Word John 1: The Divine Light John 1: Glory, Grace, and God John 1: The Living Water, Part 1 John 4: The Living Water, Part 2 John 4: The Living Water, Part 3 John 4: The Eternal I Am John 8: Heavenly Promises John The Eternal Word John 1: John 4 What Constitutes True Worship?

John 11 Why Did Jesus Weep? John 20 Can Believers Forgive Sins? John and Andrew John 1: Simon Peter John 1: Believing and Seeing John 2: With Christ John Grace Abounding John 1: John - Surprised by Joy! The Maker of the Milky Way John 1: Aslan's Song John 1: Jesus is Preparing Us a Place John God is Up to Something John A Shady Lady John 4: The Gospel as Warfare John God become Man - John 1: What can we learn from the life of John the Baptist? What is the gospel? Why did God give us four Gospels? When were the Gospels written? Why did He cleanse the temple?

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John 7 - Does John 7: Did Jesus ever claim to be God? John 15 Does the vine and branches passage in John 15 mean that salvation can be lost? See also tetelestai John John 21 Why did Jesus tell Peter to "feed my sheep" in John 21? Introduction to the Gospel of John John 1: Jehovah's Witnesses John 1: Putting On a Front John Taking the Easy Way Out John The Unwelcome Christ John 1: The Family Crisis John 3: The Pre-Existent Christ John 9: Life Of Hearing God John A Tested Friendship John Tiny Tears John Love And Betrayal John Life Of Love John The Cure For Care John The Lonely Heart John Is Heaven A Physical Place?

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Life Eternal John Oneness Pentecostalism John Where Is Jesus Now? Love For The Lord. Gospel of John - Sermons - John 1: Introduction to The Gospel of John John 1: God is revealed through the Word John 1: The Word was with God 2. The Word was God C.

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God is revealed through the Word Incarnate John 1: God is revealed through the Superior Word John 1: The Period of Consideration John 1: The witness of people John 1: The witness of John the Baptist John 1: The witness of events John 2: The cleansing of the temple John 2: The witness of the new birth John 3: The components of the new birth John 3: The witness of Christ's mission John 3: The benefits of Christ's mission John 3: Deliverance from judgment b.

The witness to the Samaritan woman John 4: Christ's instruction for the woman John 4: The witness of Christ's work John 4: The Period of Controversy John 5: The controversy at Bethesda John 5: Christ's defense John 5: The witnesses of Christ John 5: The controversy of the bread John 6: The feeding of the 5, John 6: The bread of life John 6: The promise John 6: The responses John 6: The Period of Conflict John 7: The Feast of Booths John 7: The middle of the feast John 7: The question of Jesus' schooling John 7: The last day of the feast John 7: The impact of Christ on the religious leaders John 8: The healing of the blind man John 9: The probe of the Pharisees John 9: The principles for receiving spiritual sight John 9: Following the true shepherd John Christ as the true shepherd John Christ as the good shepherd John The identity of Christ John The raising of Lazarus John The preparation for the miracle John John The arrival of Jesus and his disciples in Bethany John John The Period of Crisis John The effects of the cross John The rejection of Christ John The Period of Conference John John Christ's love John Christ's betrayer John Christ's farewell discourse John The introduction to the discourse John The discourse John Christ's comfort John Christ's promises John Christ's analogy of the vine John Christ's friendship John Christ's opposition John Christ's departure John Christ's joy John Christ's summary John The prayer John Christ's prayer for himself John Christ's prayer for his disciples John Christ's prayer for his future disciples John The Period of Crucifixion John John Christ's arrest John Christ's trials John Christ before the high priest John Christ before Pilate John Christ's crucifixion John Christ's resurrection John Christ's mastery over death seen in His resurrection John The Period of Commission John John Christ's teaching John Part 1 John Part 2 John Truth, Part 1 John Truth, Part 2 John Unity, Part 1 John Unity, Part 2 John The Denial John The Trial John Another Kingdom, Part 1 John Another Kingdom, Part 2 John Rejected by Men John Smitten of God John John 1 John 1: John 16 John A Study of Character John Needless Trouble John Christ, the Eternal Word John 1: Christ, the Word Incarnate John 1: Christ's Forerunner John 1: Christ and His First Disciples John 1: Christ's First Miracle John 2: Christ Cleansing the Temple John 2: Christ and Nicodemus John 3: Christ and Nicodemus, Concluded John 3: Christ Magnified by His Forerunner John 3: Christ at Sychar's Well John 4: Christ at Sychar's Well, Continued John 4: Christ at Sychar's Well, Concluded John 4: Christ in Samaria John 4: Christ in Galilee John 4: Christ at the Pool of Bethesda John 5: The Deity of Christ: Sevenfold Proof John 5: Threefold Witness John 5: Christ Feeding the Multitude John 6: Christ Walking in the Sea John 6: Christ the Bread of Life John 6: Christ in the Capernaum Synagogue John 6: Christ and His Disciples John 6: Christ and the Feast of Tabernacles John 7: Christ Teaching in the Temple John 7: Christ Teaching in the Temple, Concluded John 7: Christ and the Adulterous Woman John 8: Christ the Light of the World John 8: Christ the Light of the World, Concluded John 8: Christ and the Blind Beggar John 9: Christ and the Blind Beggar, Continued John 9: Christ and the Blind Beggar, Concluded John 9: Christ the Door John Christ the Good Shepherd John Christ One with the Father John Christ Raising Lazarus John Christ Raising Lazarus, Continued John Christ Raising Lazarus, Concluded John Christ Feared by the Sanhedrin John Christ Anointed at Bethany John Christ's Entry into Jerusalem John Each section is comprised of five parts in order to provide a balance of exegesis, theological reflection, and life appropriation:.

Especially in the latter, Believers Church perspectives come through clearly. These include believers baptism, commitment to the Rule of Christ Matthew There are comprehensive outlines, biographical aids, helpful charts, indexes, maps, glossaries, and essays on points that need further development. Roop focuses on the rich story line that traces the development of a community of faith in Genesis. He explores the important theological motifs of the book and their implications for our lives today.

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These themes include creation, disaster and reaction, promise and fulfillment, and infertility and blessing. This commentary grew out of the study of Genesis in the congregational and seminary community. It is intended to promote and enhance study in those settings. He has served as a pastor in the Church of the Brethren and is author of several books. Waldemar Janzen Mennonite Church offers a fresh approach to the book of Exodus. In the last chapters, Exodus portrays a people focused in faith on the imageless presence of God in its midst. A Paradigmatic Approach , and many articles and chapters in scholarly as well as popular publications.

Brensinger explains the ups and downs of the Israelites during the period of the Judges. The people tend to take their focus away from serving the Lord. Instead, they follow other gods, seek false security, and do what is right in their own eyes. By exploring the circumstances behind this decline, Brensinger provides practical applications for such contemporary issues as religious unfaithfulness, the nature of community, the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and war and violence.

Brensinger serves as professor of biblical studies and chair of the biblical studies, religion, and philosophy department at Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania. He draws attention to distinctive narrative characteristics of these three magnificent dramas. Such scrutiny opens new vistas of interpretation that can undergird the faith, life, and neighborly relations of the church. Each narrative features intense interaction among the characters and, in the case of Jonah, with God. Block , Gunther H.

Waltner aims to help readers find their way through Psalms, encounter God, and be led into obedience and praise. Waltner served as a pastor for 38 years in Mennonite congregations in Kansas, California, Illinois and Indiana. With specific interests in biblical studies, he has taught courses in the Psalms at Bethel College, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, and Bible lectures.

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In this volume, Doug Miller respects the pastoral and theological contribution of Ecclesiastes, without muting its critique of simplistic and comfortable approaches to the life of faith. It is particularly useful for Christians who need a fresh look at the insights of this ancient sage in an era of uncertain identity, the flux of worldviews, and the elusiveness of truth. Miller is professor of biblical and religious studies at Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas, and has published articles in church and scholarly periodicals as well as in collections of essays.

Miller served as general editor of Direction journal for ten years. Ivan Friesen explores how the interpretation of the book of Isaiah is carried out and lived out today in faith communities where the Bible is the bedrock of faith and life. Such an interpretation combines the concerns of pastoral care with the distress and uncertainty of prophetic action.

The commentary groups the 66 chapters of Isaiah into six distinct but continuous parts. Each part may be explored as one might explore the room of a house. The furnishings themes in each room are different, but the decor structure of the house combines to lend to the book an overall unity of purpose. The architecture of the book as a whole has distinct features that include words of judgment as well as words of promise announcing a new day dawning.

In this new day dawning, there are strong elements of a messianic hope. Friesen writes the Isaiah commentary out of his North American Mennonite church context. He has served as a pastor in North Carolina and South Dakota. Martens explores the message and insights of Jeremiah for today. In Jeremiah, God disciplines people and punishes them.

Yet there is also forgiveness and the promise of a New Covenant. This ancient book is strangely relevant to our generation. The more we learn about the stressful times in which Jeremiah lived, about the passionate prophet himself, and about the arrangement of the book that bears his name, the more forceful the message becomes.

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He served as its president for nearly a decade. Lind has taught the book of Ezekiel for thirty years in seminary and in the church. This actor, singer, and instrumentalist is prophesying to a battered people who need the word of the Lord for survival and mission. God has called Ezekiel to be a sentinel for his people, to warn them of pending danger. They must not look back to unjust Jerusalem nor join a revolt against Babylon. After judging the nations and Jerusalem, God will restore Israel to a renewed land.

The people will be given a new heart and spirit—a resurrection. God will defeat international terror and organize Israel as a new temple community, with the Lord in their midst. Then all will now that God leads world history, not by militarists, but through a people serving as a moral exemplar for the nations. Lind is professor emeritus of Old Testament at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, where he has taught the book of Ezekiel over a period of thirty years.

He has served as a pastor, writer of adult Sunday school Bible studies, editor of a community-family magazine, participant in Bible conferences and teaching missions throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Great Britain, and Europe.

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He has written books such as Yahweh Is a Warrior; Monotheism, Power, Justice ; and published articles in scholarly and church magazines. Lederach Mennonite Church sees in Daniel a persistent call to endurance and loyalty to God, even while believers suffer for their faith, pray for deliverance, and speak truth to kings. Although ruling beasts may rampage for a while, God is sovereign over history and cuts their time short.

This Old Testament apocalyptic book interprets ancient history through signs and symbols. Guenther brings an evangelical Believers Church perspective to the study of two eighth-century BC prophets. He explores theological and practical implications of their message, which he applies to the contemporary church. Smith , Bethel Theological Seminary, St. He pastored a new congregation in Lethbridge, Alberta from to and an inner-city congregation in Toronto from to Gardner invites readers to explore the dramatic story of Jesus which Matthew tells.

He connects that story to the first-century world of its author and early readers. The commentary then shows how Matthew has shaped the church and still speaks to the life of the Christian community. Gardner probes each section for its meaning in the wider biblical context and in the life of the church. Ends with essays, an extensive bibliography, and a list of select resources.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he directs several cooperatively sponsored programs of field-based ministry education for the Church of the Brethren.

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He has also written for the periodicals Messenger and Brethren Life and Thought and contributed articles to the Brethren Encyclopedia. Geddert views Mark as a profound theologian and accomplished writer, not a mere compiler of traditions. Readers supply their own ending, not just in words, but by following their resurrected Lord. Includes essays on themes useful for teaching, preaching, and Bible study. It also includes bibliographies, charts, maps, and an index of ancient sources. Howard Marshall , University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

He has worked as a church planter, pastor, and teacher in many countries, including Canada, the United States, and Germany. Faw brings Acts to life for our day. He blends thorough biblical scholarship with wisdom from extensive and varied experience in missionary work and Bible teaching.

Jesus: The Divine Word (John 1:1-5)

His careful exposition of the book of Acts is supplemented with literary and theological discussion. Bubba marked it as to-read Apr 21, Richard DeLong is currently reading it Jun 10, Wesley Givens is currently reading it Jul 22, Peter Ozias marked it as to-read Oct 22, Gary Vassallo marked it as to-read Nov 25, Romel Morales is currently reading it Jun 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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