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The Practice of Science. Generalize place value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers. Students will be given the opportunity to test and improve their vessels as they apply various math and science skills. Students will be asked to rank the bus choices based on the data provided. The data provided is: In the twist, students will be given safety information and must decide how to change their procedure with the new information. Students will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions in an open discussion, as well as hear the thoughts and opinions of their peers.

Students will work together in cooperative pairs to determine the theme and moral of "The Lost Wig. This activity allows students to think critically using information provided. Students will write a procedure on how they determined which painting company would be suitable for the client. They have to use their previous knowledge of the area formula and apply it to a real world problem using a given data set. They will also be asked to reevaluate their solutions when additional data is added. Each stuffy will be stuffed with the same type of object tennis balls to see which holds more.

Planet Hoppers, Inc: A Space Suit Design Company

Through various readings, discussions, and activities, the students will determine which stuffy can hold the most inside. They will do this by analyzing a set of data with a set of criteria given to them by a client. The students will be able to use prior knowledge of addition of multi-digit whole numbers, multiplication and division facts and concepts, math calculations with money and time, understanding fractions, and problem solving skills to solve a non-routine MEA Model Eliciting Activity that requires real-world application of mathematical skills.

Exploring Character Development in Fiction: They then narrow the list down to the six descriptors that tell the most about her. Next, they search the book for places that show Bright Morning fits the first descriptor on their list. Finally, they work independently, with small group support, to find textual support for another of the characteristics on their list.

They mark the text with stick-on notes and write to explain their choices. An online character map tool serves as an assessment for the lesson. Food Of The Future?: Students will consider factors such as nutritional value, length of insect life cycle, stage of life cycle the insect can be served, notes from chefs, customer tasting notes, level of difficulty to farm, and price. This MEA allows students to apply scientific content, metamorphosis, in a real world application, while developing high-level problem solving skills. They will have to weigh quantitative and qualitative factors to determine the best car to purchase.

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Students will present their recommendations and the steps to the procedure they created in writing and orally. Factors to consider are price, touch screen, camera, voice command, weight and size. The students will create a model of a sedimentary rock and describe how they would identify a sedimentary rock in the real world. It includes a lesson plan, a National Geographic article, and a summative assessment rubric. CIS is a detailed instructional method that should be used by those who have been trained in this strategy. By reading and rereading the passage closely, and focusing their reading through a series of questions and discussion about the text, students will identify how and why Feynman started to look at the world through the eyes of a scientist.

When combined with writing about the passage, students will discover how much they can learn from a memoir. All of the supplemental resources needed in order to execute this lesson are included. Students will encounter multiple reading opportunities and be asked to analyze text, identify story elements, examine characters' actions and motivations, and finally, make inferences after closely reading the text.

In this lesson, the students will work in small groups to design and carry out an experiment using common classroom materials. It is not intended as an initial introduction to this benchmark. Students will use area and perimeter to assist in presenting the best layout of the store. The factors that the students will need to consider are: The client has specific criteria they like would to have included in deciding on a good date. This project will familiarize students with the phases of the moon. It allows students an opportunity to interpret data from charts and collaborate with one another to provide a thoughtful written response for the company.

The teacher conducts the experiment multiple times, each time changing different variables. The students are "directors" and are asked to "cut" the scene when they observe something wrong with the experiment. Their theory must be supported by evidence. Students will then present their theory for a class discussion. They will also make comparisons and find patterns in nature, leading them to the understanding of the processes of sexual reproduction in flowering plants, including pollination and fertilization seed production. Your mission is to design the most effective barrier that would limit the amount of sand displaced from our tall sand dunes and prevent further damage to oceanfront buildings.

Ecuador and Galapagos

Your designs can help us save the sand dunes before they are blown away! The client has specific criteria for selecting a good location to set up their new fertilizer manufacturing plant. This project will familiarize students with some of Florida's natural resources with a great emphasis on phosphate and will present students with opportunities to interpret different types of maps.

From a data table, they will need to decide which type of fish and how many fish to purchase according to the size of the each pond. After, they will need to revisit a revised data table to make different selection of fish and calculate costs for the purchase of the fish.

Students will be designing and constructing a tool out of Florida native materials items found in Florida's environment that could meet one of the basic needs of humans. They will be discussing whether Native Floridians were engineers based on their ability to construct tools and shelters out of native materials in order to solve problems. Students will also have an opportunity to use technology in their exploration of heat energy. They will compare and contrast multi-digit numbers to determine coaster capacity, etc. Students make selections from a provided list featuring various settings, characters, and problems and build their creative plays using a ready-made story feature template.

Working cooperatively, the students craft a short, creative play using characters, setting, problem, four major events, and a conclusion. Students use their mind, bodies, and voices to create a play from the opening scenes to the closing scenes. Students present their plays to their fellow classmates while being supported, instructed, and encouraged by the teacher. A rubric is provided to help teachers effectively assess the students. In this Engineering Design Challenge, students will make a 2-dimensional model a graphic illustration rather than build a prototype. First, they try to use evocative language in describing pictures of birds from the Smithsonian's National Zoo.

They go on to record observations and to make hypotheses as they follow the behavior of animals on the National Zoo's live webcams. They can watch the giant pandas, the tigers, the cheetahs, the gorillas, or any of a dozen other species. This lesson introduces students to the eight Moon phases and their names in a counter-clockwise sequential order starting with the New Moon as phase 1.

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Students will also be introduced to how a flowchart can help make decisions, in this case whether or not the Moon is full. This lesson will help students design a flowchart model to find the phase of the Moon by making decisions based on certain conditions. How Strong is Your Magnet: Students will consider hardness, luster, color, cleavage and safety by analyzing the given charts which include these data by mineral.

Students will work as a group and create a model for ranking the minerals. Students will determine which board is best for beginning paddlers using deductive reasoning and key details from the reading passages. Students will need to consider appearance, texture, price, flavor, length of shelf life, and estimating shipping costs. In the second portion of the problem statement, the students will need to trade off what they have previously considered and give more worth to the estimated shipping costs, while adding three more brands for consideration.

The students will complete a culminating activity of making a commercial to advertise their selected brand. Student will need to work together and use the standard conventions of writing to write and perform their commercial for the other groups. They will learn about the role that plants and animals play in their ecosystem and what each role is called. The students will also learn about the limiting factors each ecosystem possesses that prevent any species population from becoming too large.

After analyzing each rock site, they will write a one page recommendation that will explain the classification of the rock and why it is the best for option for building. In addition, they will create a product plan that contains information on the rocks, their history and their uses. Student groups will present to fellow group members then each student will evaluate the products. While constructing a rollercoaster and using the Scientific Method, students will create their own question and then investigate it, finding out whether the speed of an object is affected by the track it follows.

Students will use hands-on inquiry to find out more about wind and its effect on sails. Through trial and error and based on data collected, students will design, build, and race their own vessel or "sailboat" across the boundless waters of a kiddie pool.

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Students should gain a better understanding of how moving water and air are sources of energy and can propel objects forward at varying rates of speed. This MEA will ask students to work in teams to help their client, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Juvenile Commission, to decide which Burmese Pythons traps manufacturing company is the most economical to buy traps from.

The traps will be placed along the Florida Keys and the Everglades to further help prevent the growth of Burmese Pythons species invasion. The students will implement their knowledge of how plants, animals, and humans impact the environment, use mathematical and analytical problem-solving strategies, and be able report their finding in an organized, descriptive manner. The design challenge is to produce a low-pitch tone by using different containers and liquids. Students must also create a budget to purchase supplies.

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In this open-ended problem, students must consider how to rank wind companies based on factors like windiness, noise levels, and power output. In teams, students determine their procedures and write letters back to the client. The students will be asked to assist a property owner, who is planning to retile his kitchen and family room floors, with purchasing the best quality tiles for the least amount of money. Students will need to read a data table, rank the tile companies from best to worst, calculate the amount of tiles needed according to the area, and determine the total cost to retile the kitchen and family room.

Planet Hoppers

A twist is added to the problem when one of the tile companies goes out of business, but two new companies are added. An additional twist will be that the homeowner has decided to tile his bathroom as well. The students will need to reevaluate the tile companies as well as recalculate the total costs to include tile for the bathroom.

Students will perform math calculations, create a two-column table for hours and minutes, develop a procedure to rank facilities, and provide written feedback through letters to a parent whose child needs group tennis lessons and writes letters to ask for advice. They will rank their choices from "best to worst" tennis lesson facilities. Students will provide a detailed written explanation for how they decided to rank factors and their solution for rating tennis lesson facilities.

In this MEA, Students will be asked to rank and choose from the potential docks based on the data given. In the process, students will need to find area and perimeter as part of their criteria for ranking. In the twist, students will be asked to add in a safety bumper around the dock perimeter. They must decide how to change their procedure with the new information. Students will read and write multi-digit whole numbers using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form. Students then can discuss and write about place value, using their connections.

Which One is Best for Here?: Access points are included for this lesson.

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Students will consider factors such materials, heat resistance, durability, Physical properties shape and color and appearance to help pick the best option. Students will apply their knowledge of how heat transfers and understanding of materials that don't conduct heat energy to help evaluate the companies. Our mission is to create travel experiences so amazing that you will want to share them with your friends and family.

Planet Hoppers has experienced tremendous growth exclusively through word of mouth. Planet Hoppers' founder Amy has always had an itch for travel: While she worked briefly as a scientist majored in physics and worked for NASA , she loved traveling so much that she decided to focus on Planet Earth. She founded Planet Hoppers to transform her passion into her profession. She travels as much as possible to be able to provide first-hand expertise of the itineraries she enthusiastically recommends and encourages all her agents to do the same. Our elite team of dedicated travel agents works together, pooling local knowledge to create the best possible travel experience for our clients.

Her most treasured gifts are photos of her happy clients while on vacation. She has personally escorted travel groups to: Proud member of the following distinguished organizations: