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Sobol says she was looking for someone who could produce the festival at a world-class level. SPAC is the largest cultural instruction in all of Upstate New York, drawing about a hundred million dollars of economic growth for the state, with half a million people coming through the gates annually. Cowie recognized the potential for upgrading the annual festival right away.

Organizing Local Food Events in Alberta

I practiced all day last weekend, started brunch at noon and finished at 6. Many elite events and VIP guests are able to come together with a common goal: As the primary fundraiser for educational programming, this includes Classical Kids, a collaborative program in which SPAC works with local schools to teach elementary and middle school-aged children about the classical performing arts.

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When restaurateurs and chefs seek out avenues to participate or support an elite event, look at how it will benefit the community and go all in. Cowie says getting ahead is all about forging an emotional connection with the consumer in a crowded space. James Beard Award-winning chef David Burke , who is also headlining the festival, says that should begin with becoming a regular at events like this. Burke concedes that while it can be a financial sacrifice for a restaurant, the exposure is an added benefit.

This comes with even more challenges, from building hype, planning, execution, and following up with attendees to make the most of your investment. Sponsoring a booth at another event is a strategy companies typically use to build brand presence, as well as to drive leads, and it can be quite an effective one. Geo-targeting will become your best friend before these events. Promote your presence early to bring the most visitors to your booth. Attendees also always start chatting far before the event even begins.

This gives you the opportunity to hop in on the conversations early. As of November , Instagram stories had million users, and research has shown that businesses that use stories are more likely to be discovered on the platform. Stories are also a wonderful way to promote your future presence at a big event. Show your team preparing, have one of your sales people introduce themselves, and try to think of fun ways to get people to come to your booth once the event begins hint: More to come on this.

Rally up the sales and customer service teams to spread the word to the many individuals they speak to day in and day out.

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Making your presence at an event a part of the conversation is such a natural way of promoting your brand, and moving a sale along. It will likely excite the sales team to have another item for them to make friendly conversation around with their prospects. My colleague Sarah will be there. You should stop by our booth.

So, where to start?

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Aaron recommends being persistent and assertive with your marketing efforts in these scenarios. While this strategy might sound like a bit much, Aaron says it has proven to be a successful one.

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Whether that was because Google was the headliner or not, who knows, but I like to think it was due to our highly relevant and persistent marketing efforts. While having a landing page on your own website to promote your event is nice, having an entire website dedicated to your event is even better. This gives attendees and potential attendees the opportunity to explore, get all of their questions answered, and for you to create an inspirational place to get people truly excited about your event.

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  • While it might seem daunting to have to create an entirely new website, it can be easily done with help from a platform like Squarespace or Wix, which provide several custom templates that make the design and execution of a website fairly easy. Check out this cool conference site for a design event hosted in London for instance.

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    As visitors scroll down the page, they find details around the date and location of the event, discounts for early bird tickets, a list of sponsors, etc. So, what else should a well constructed event website include? Tout the benefits of attending as much as possible.

    11 Creative, Brand-Building Event Marketing Ideas

    This is where things like testimonials, inspirational videos, and impressive stats from previous events will come into play. HubSpot does a great job at this; just check out the why attend section of the Inbound site. This page does a great job at selling the benefits to potential attendees by providing compelling visuals, testimonials, impressive stats, and even an entire section dedicated to convincing your boss!

    HubSpot even provides an email tool to help you craft a compelling customized email to your boss. How cool is that?