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In the next 10 minutes, I am going to outline how to find and maintain your Zone of optimal performance. This 10 part Webinar series is about Self Empowerment.

Directing your Mental Focus

Ironically, some athletes who have an intense drive to win are more tuned in to negativity, particularly in high arousal and high pressure moments. Optimizing your Emotion-Feeling-Thinking-Regulation to maintain your Zone of peak performance, can be a subtle and challenging process.

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Evidence from the Brain Resource International Database suggests that you may be naturally in your Zone of peak performance more than you think. However, even the slightest amount of negativity and frustration can knock you out of tour Zone and make your performance sub-optimal. This reflex is helpful in getting you out of danger. But at critical moments, it disrupts your brain-body coordination, your focus, and your strategic judgment, and it keeps you out of your automatic zone of peak performance.

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Immerse in the moment. There are a number of training strategies to replace negative thoughts with positive ones at critical moments.


A simple example is training yourself to continually put positive thoughts to the front of your brain. The specific strategy to rapidly replace intrusive negative thoughts with positive ones may involve using a personalized positive word or symbol as a trigger.

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An international marksman uses his personalized breathing rate as his Positive trigger. I visualize a circle to indicate the aligning of Emotion-Thinking-Feeling-Self-regulation. When he was asked about his mental state under pressure, he had the following simple solution: All I focused on was pushing the positive thoughts to the front.

How Athletes Find The Zone | Dr. Lardon

Training with MyCalmBeat for 10 minutes a day, three days a week, increases your optimal flexibility of low and high frequency heart rate activity, which puts you in your zone of optimal performance. MyCalmBea t has also been shown to reduce stress and improve benefits of increased heart rate variability, all of which will help you optimize your peak performance.

Visualization Recent computerized brain imaging research has shown that simply visualizing a task activates brain networks similar to those activated by actually doing the task. Because neurons that fire together, wire together, visualization of the best way to undertake a specific skill or deal with a tricky critical moment consolidates the networks that are called upon in actual play.

Highly targeted visualization training in how to deal with Critical Moments should be an integral part of any peak performance program.

Finding Your Zone: Ten Core Lessons for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life

Simulations Critical moments do not occur that often. That is why pilots are trained in flight simulators. It helps you automatically switch on the brain networks that keep you in the moment and allow you to ignore negative disruptive thoughts in high pressure Critical Moments. TRAIN Training your ability to access your zone of peak performance A number of processes that contribute to zone can be trained. They include both brain and body functions: Being fully engaged, making continual adjustments based on your instincts and objective data, and combatting self-doubt with positive statements are other behaviors that will put you on the track to peak performance and being in the zone.

This is called being in the moment, and it takes nothing away from the end result, but is an important step toward achieving it. What does your successful future look like? The answer is going to be different for everyone, thus it can add significant value to your peak performance journey to develop a strategic plan as well as a support system to help keep you on track to achieving your goals.

While you might not be focused on winning the World Series or taking home an Academy Award, you can learn from the process famed athletes and performers have used to achieve those goals.

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  6. Set your sights on becoming a peak performer and working in the zone in your arena. Your email address will not be published. Federer Process Who Can Benefit? You need the following seven essential elements to experience peak performance: Strike a balance between the challenges you face and your skills.