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Medieval narratives often have a strong moral or didactic purpose. How does the author of these tales attempt to change the lives of his readers? How does he use stories of punishment and reward to warn his readers? The trials of Father John [pp. If you have read Job, how does this story differ from it? In what other tales does the author draw upon precedents from the Bible as a model? The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi Category: The venerable authors of these Spiritual Classics are expert guides—may we follow their directions home. These writers are our companions, even our champions, in a common effort to discern the meaning of God in personal experience.

We hope they will provide you with a variety of ways of thinking and talking about these ancient and important texts. We offer this word about the act of reading these spiritual classics. Fioretti di San Francesco is a florilegium excerpts of his body of work , divided into 53 short chapters, on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi that was composed at the end of the 14th century. The anonymous Italian text, almost certainly by a Tuscan author, is a version of the Latin Actus beati Francisci et sociorum eius, of which the earliest extant manuscript is one of AD.

Most scholars are now agreed that the author was Ugolino Brunforte c. Little Flowers of Francis of Assisi is the name given to the classic collection of popular legends about the life of St. Francis of Assisi and his early companions.

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The collection, one of the most delightful literary works of the Middle Ages, was translated into Italian by an unknown fourteenth-century friar from a larger Latin work, the "Actus B. Francisci et Sociorum Ejus", attributed to Ugolino Brunforte.

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Or rather the fifty-three chapters which form the true text of the Fioretti were, for the four appendixes, on the Stigmata of St. Francis, the life of Fra Ginepro , and the life and the sayings of the Fra Egidio, are additions of later compilers.

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A striking difference is noticeable between the earlier chapters of the "Fioretti", which refer to St. Francis and his companions, and the later ones which deal with the friars in the province of the March of Ancona. The first half of the collection reflects traditions that go back to the early days of the order; the other is believed to be substantially the work of Fra Ugolino da Monte Giorgio of the noble family of Brunforte. Muito inocente e dedicado. Father Serra chose the name Junipero based on his character in The Little Flowers , and I wanted to see what that was all about, and was not disappointed.

He is, as the editor states, "the favourte of children everywhere.

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Bonaventure's life was for me most enjoyable, having a more modern organization, but all three works had their own virtues and surprisingly little overlap. Aug 22, Todd Luallen rated it really liked it. A wonderful look at the lives of many in the 13th Century monastic life. This was my first look into the monastic life, and it was very interesting. Especially because the book is an easy read due to the quick little stories in which it is told.

Much of the book describes what would described as miraculous events that occurred in and around St. Francis and others in his Order. If you've never been exposed to the monastic life and the holiness that those that enter pursue, this is probably an excellent book to take the plunge. My personal opinion is that there is definitely some exaggerated story telling in this book, or perhaps some outright error. I doubt the author did so intentionally, but perhaps this stories became more and more fantastic with each telling. I also don't adhere to some of the doctrines presented in this book, but I did find the book enlightening.

The Little Flowers of St. Francis

Apr 10, Lambda Moses rated it liked it. Francis' asceticism described in this book is truly impressive.

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But what I also realized after reading this book is that what I'm interested in is philosophical theology, not miracles. I liked their devotion to Christ and communion with him, their desire to disdain the things of the world to gain Christ, and the bizarre things that happen to them when in prayer. However they also seem extremely unloving toward each other, not sure how it is possible to love God but not fellow man , and even curse others to hell.

It's very catholic in perspective, with purgatory, reverence of Mary and Saints,and earning forgiveness. It took me about 8 months to read as I could only handle a few I liked their devotion to Christ and communion with him, their desire to disdain the things of the world to gain Christ, and the bizarre things that happen to them when in prayer. It took me about 8 months to read as I could only handle a few chapters at a time, and the writing is a little dated in style maybe due to being a translation.

Still, it does inspire me to dwell more on Christ, and caution me to not follow their example towards others! Voglio giustificare il voto basso. Non significa che non mi sia piaciuto leggere della vita di San Francesco, dei suoi miracoli e della fondazione dell'ordine. Oct 24, J. A collection of the sayings and legends of St Francis, collected apparently two hundred years or so after his death. Did you know that Francis apparentlly experienced stigmata after he prayed that he might feel the pains of Christ? That he tried to go and witness to the Islamic world? That Dante says that God raised up Francis and Dominic to heal the church of its materialism?

None of this is in this book, but it's still pretty great. Mar 23, Colleen rated it it was amazing.

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The entries are short and concise, thus called the Little Flowers. I have given this book to my fried Donna, a Franciscan as I feel pretty sure it will be appreciated there. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual life. Aug 05, Mike rated it liked it Shelves: There were some real gems in here - spiritual maxims, potentially famous future quotes, good ays of seeing things - but in the main I found the year old English, overly Catholic doctrine, asceticism, and dubiousness of some of the stories a little much for me.

I'd love to learn more about Assisi though, and give other writings about him a chance. Jul 23, Matthew H rated it liked it Shelves: It was a good book of folk tales surrounding the Franciscan Order and it's founder, the devout Saint Francis.

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  7. You definitely need to have some faith to be able to take these stories at face value. Also, if you're not a Catholic you might have some trouble with some of the Theological principles. Still, it's an inspirational and short read about a Godly man. This book shares stories about St. Francis and members of his order.

    There seems to be a lot of lore in the book, but what I couldn't help admire these men with such passion for Christ, for prayer, and for poverty. A collection of stories about Francis and his monks that are equal parts history, folk tales, and anecdotes.

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    The high points for me were the stories of Friar Juniper. He's a Franciscan Amelia Bedelia. May 24, Cara rated it liked it Shelves: I really wish I liked magic realism, or at least symoblic legendism, as a genre. As I am, I kept thinking, "Come on Frankie, show us you're true colors. Aug 14, J. I didn't really know what to do with this as I have no real understanding of saints and how to read about St.

    I appreciated the stories, but kind of left wanting a more objective look of St.