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Theirs was a mad romance and it caused Ares to be banished from Mount Olympus and punished like a naughty child by his powerful parents. Apart from having a weakness for women, Ares was also seen as a protector for badly treated women. For instance, he murdered Halirrhothios, a son of Poseidon, who raped his daughter Alkippe. From this story, there are some suggestions that women may have asked him to punish men who treated them badly.

Ares is presented as a very radical personality and an individual that got things done. He was admired by the famous Spartan warriors. One of the most popular myths about Ares tells of his fight with Hercules.

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  • It had to be a very inspiring tale for the warriors, whose restrictive way of living made them an extremely dangerous army. In this, he supports the Trojans. In some moments, he fights arm in arm with Hektor, but the plot shows the competition of the Trojans in a more positive light, so Ares is called ''the hateful', ''the curse of men'' or ''the man killer.

    According to the ancient writer, the goddess supported the Acheans and she knocked him out with a large rock. When he got wounded during the fight with Diomedes, who was supported by Athena, his scream of pain was said to be louder than 10, men. Nowadays, Ares is one of the most popular ancient deities. He appears in many movies, books, and works of art related to ancient history.

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    During the Renaissance, he was also a very popular motif in artwork. His symbols became the spear and helmet and he was often depicted with a dog. With time, he was dethroned by the Roman god Mars, who became the iconic deity of Neoclassical works. Moreover, he is a patron of the multi-sport club in Greece called Aris Thessaloniki. A modern representation of Ares. Head of the god Ares on a sculpture from the temple of Ares in Athens. Ares by Mark Cartwright, available at: Hymn 8 to Ares, available at: Natalia Klimczak is an historian, journalist and writer.

    You mentioned that Ares dethroned Mars, I wonder if the Romans had a war god before they encountered the Greeks. Register to become part of our active community, get updates, receive a monthly newsletter, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of our member point system OR just post your comment below as a Guest. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.

    Blood, Lust, and Protection: An Alternate View of Ares, God of the Greek Pantheon

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    It had been "beautifully converted by Italian POW carpenters into a mobile office for codebreakers. The breaking and decoding carried out within their caravan was immediate and pressing work. Evans worked out that Double Playfair and the simpler Single Playfair could be swiftly decoded, even under such testing conditions. As an example of the immediate impact of such work, one decoded message revealed that a hundred enemy vehicles were stuck on a stretch of road, rising from the coast to the inland plateau.

    The RAF were scrambled, and the bogged-in column was shot to pieces. By the end of the first week of April , enemy resistance was crumbling. Some , German and Italian troops had surrendered.

    Battle-lust, Blood-lust and Lust!

    It was then that a bright spark in the Army Broadcasting Service ABS decided a message should be broadcast to the enemy, in German, declaring that the war in North Africa was over. German and Italian troops should avoid further bloodshed by surrendering. He duly read out the message broadcast to all German units: Days later the conflict was formally declared over. Evans continued with such frontline duties until his return to Bletchley Park, in December In the three years that he had been away, the place had been transformed.

    It was a gyro-controlled exhaust deflector on a German A4 rocket. After the war Evans completed his degree and went into teaching. After all we had been sworn to a lifetime of secrecy … But I also felt great regret and sadness for myself and my many, many colleagues … that they had not been able to tell their stories to their loved ones, many of whom had passed on. Captain Harry Meirion Evans was described as having a lack of urge to kill the Germans - but his skills were soon put to good use codebreaking Image: Damien Lewis Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters.

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    Subscribe to our Daily news newsletter Enter email Subscribe. Movie-goers knifed in brutal attack in northern France before police fire tear gas French police are reported to have used tear gas to bring the brawl under control after it spilled into the lobby of the Gaumont cinema. Hate crime London mosque 'hate crime' crash: Car runs over worshippers after 'occupants called them "dirty Muslims"' Three people were injured outside the Al-Majlis Al-Hussaini Islamic Centre in Cricklewood, north London, in what a Muslim organisation claims was a "suspected premeditated Islamophobic attack".

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    Dating Woman's perfect Tinder date with 'The One' shattered by five simple words They had been messaging for a while and she thought she knew him pretty well - but she was very, very wrong.

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    Caravan blown off cliff with woman in her 50s inside Emergency services are at the scene in Claddaghduff in County Galway. Bristol University University cleaner whose students crowd-funded his "trillionaire" trip to Jamaica reveals dream holiday snaps Herman Gordon and his wife Denise were able to visit family in the Caribbean for the first time in over a decade. Myths also say when Ares wears his armour, war happens and when he takes it off, peace reigns. The Spartans also sacrificed humans to Ares. The temples were built outside of the town; the idea was to prevent enemies from approaching.

    Ares is perhaps the easiest of gods to understand, he fought with gusto and romanced just as passionately. Though he did have a healthy ego. For more information go to: As always, I look forward to your comments. Hammer and Tong Eternal Atlantis. Of course, Aphrodite had many, many affairs with both mortals and gods, one that even included in a spat with Persephone over a mortal man. She was very busy indeed.