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This free gift of peace which Jesus gives us stands in sharp contrast to the giving of the world. The world of sin and unbelief gives only with empty words that convey no lasting treasure of peace. Witness the futility of the efforts of the United Nations to achieve peace among the nations. Witness the civil strife in many places, even the increasing racial unrest here in the United States stoked by the events in Ferguson, Missouri in recent months. Yet the world in its pride is confident that man will be able to achieve peace on earth.

Yes, one day, perhaps not so far into the future, the world will have a semblance of peace as the nations of the earth unite under the rule of the antichrist.

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It will be a worldwide kingdom of peace that wages war against the faithful saints of God. It will be a kingdom of peace that remains in bitter enmity and rebellion against the living God. It will be a kingdom of peace that God in His wrath will bring into utter desolation. But in contrast to the world, Jesus gives peace—His peace—true peace, with words and work that actually convey true blessings of peace and all the benefits of salvation.

The world may offer fame, honor, wealth, popularity, all the pleasures and treasures of sin, but none of these will afford peace—not for a moment.

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  • These will bring nothing but the opposite of peace—trouble, turmoil, anxiety, death, destruction! But Jesus has the real thing, the true gift of His peace for us, which He graciously, sovereignly, and irresistibly bestows. It is a comforting legacy that Jesus has left for us. And this is exactly what we need, also as we begin the new year!

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    The threat of increasing war is very real. Terrorism and all manner of violence continue unabated. Economic turmoil and financial pressures are great. Affliction and suffering, anxiety and depression beset many. Adversities and tribulations of various sorts may be encountered. There is the harsh reality of death itself, with the sorrows, and perhaps loneliness, that accompany it.

    In many countries around the world persecution of Christians has been increasing, sometimes dramatically. Hundreds of thousands have fled from Syria and Iraq, many Christians among them. Many have been killed, including children. In northern Nigeria Boko Haram terrorists have often focused their attacks upon Christians, destroying villages, burning churches, and kidnapping hundreds of women and girls. But even in the Western world, the pressures are increasing upon Christians. We see less and less tolerance for any thoughts or convictions that are biblical, especially on college and university campuses.

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    • Is not your heart troubled and afraid, especially as you think of your children and grandchildren? Hear the word of Jesus: Neither let it be afraid! In His peace we are able to bear whatever hardships or calamities He brings upon our pathway with patience and childlike trust. We trust that our covenant Father, who is at peace with us, does all things well. But what about those times when our hearts and minds are shaken by calamity and that assurance of peace wavers and seems to disappear?

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      Wednesday, 19 September A Great Treasure In the highest sense peace is a virtue of God. A Comforting Legacy It is a comforting legacy that Jesus has left for us. Last modified on 30 December More in this category: They asked him to take a look at what they had found, however the boat was unfamiliar to him. Shortly after, they contacted Dr.


      Mendel Nun, a well-known researcher whose focus is the Sea of Galilee and is additionally a veteran fisherman from Ein-Gev on the other side of the Sea. After gently exposing a small fragment from the side of the boat, Dr. At that moment, lo and behold, a rainbow appeared in the sky, and the brothers knew that this was a sign for something especially auspicious.

      After a short inspection, the archeologists told the brothers that the boat indeed was ancient, a message which filled them again with joy, just as the rainbow reappeared again.

      Trip Lee: The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ

      It took eleven exciting days until the archeologists from the Antiques Authorities, along with many local volunteers, started to remove the boat. When rumors started to spread about a great discovery from the time of Jesus, people from all over the world rushed over to have a look for themselves.

      During late February , as the Sea of Galilee steadily started to rise, the archeologists feared the boat would be immersed again in the water. Shelly Waxman addressed the government agency overseeing the Sea of Galilee, asking them to help stop the rising level of water. This request reached the President of the State of Israel and the Minister of Agriculture, and they together devised a solution — the directors of the Sea of Galilee arranged two strong pumps to pump water from the excavation pit, then prepared a defensive wall and placed sacks filled with sand by the children of Ginosar between the boat and the sea.

      Each individual piece of wood was marked and recorded. The boat was built using an ancient construction method — first the shell was built and then the rest was adjusted accordingly. After using different materials to preserve the boat and in order to calculate how best to transport it, the scientists needed to test the boat to first see if it would float.

      They did this test by filling up the excavation pit with water pumped from the Sea of Galilee — and lo and behold, the boat started to float for the first time in years!! Only then was the boat released from the excavation pit and the boat started sailing away to the sound of the loud applause of all the spectators who came to witness the miraculous voyage. The team inserted an iron structure under the boat, designed by the construction engineer, Uri Hermel, in order to lift it with a crane and bring it to land, to a conservation pool. Just a day before, the crane had almost flipped over.

      The Legacy of Jesus' Peace

      It was a very dangerous moment, as any additional movement could lead to the whole project falling apart. Everybody trembled with fear- they were still not sure. The boat was placed on fiberglass legs with heat-resistant pipes; both are also resistant to the preservatives that would enter the pool when everything was ready. The boat laid in the preservation tank for ten years due to the chemical process. Each week the wood on the corner of the pool was tested to see when the boat would be ready for drying. They started emptying the pool early in the morning with the help of their loyal team and three pumps.